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Family Portraits in the Woodlands of South Devon

Hi there! Thanks for clicking and welcome to AMP. Here at AMP we do family portraits, but differently, but you probably already knew that. We prefer to photograph people (and their pets!) at their most natural. Without it sounding a little odd, we like to follow you around whilst you enjoy a ‘normal’ family walk. As we walk with you, we try to capture real moments as they happen, unobtrusively of course, but we like to see those small details that often seem so trivial and ‘day-to-day’, but mean so much in years to come when you look back at them in print.

We are surrounded by some amazing woodlands here in South Devon. From moorland to coast line we have on our doorstep some beautiful forests and some amazing walks. We are happy to suggest some fantastic areas for family portraits and also keen to know more! If you, like us, enjoy walking amongst the trees in all seasons, taking in the sounds and smells of the outdoors with your nearest and dearest then maybe you’d also like to capture some memories to keep forever? Get in touch via our contact page to find out where we are next!

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Woodland Family Portraits

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