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Natural Family Photos in Devon

Here is a small selection of favourites from our Autumn/Winter 2015 season. We are primarily documentary photographers, we believe in the unscripted moments that happen outside of a studio, which is why we always work in a natural, no-pressure environment. Without sounding like a pair of old sages, life passes by us so quickly and photos are a way of sealing memories into our brains a little easier, remembering the stages your kids went through, that funny smile she used to do, or how your son has a strange fascination with twigs and rocks (or is that just ours?!). I know how with so much fondness I look back at photos from a year back, 6 months back, and see so much change. One of the wonderful things about photographing families is documenting kids as they grow up, getting to know them so that the portrait shoot becomes a little part of one of those things you do as a family. We have been fortunate to have documented some children from birth and we’re so proud that we’ve recorded their stages with our photos – and that families continue to come to us for their photos! We hope you enjoy looking through our portfolio, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to get in touch to book a shoot.



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